After a state court entered an $800,000 judgment against him for conversion, Delannoy filed a Chapter 7 petition.  The trustee in the bankruptcy case sold Delannoy’s state court appeal rights to the state court plaintiff which then dismissed the appeal and asserted the state court judgment as issue preclusive in connection with its objection to discharge in the bankruptcy court.  This decision holds that there was nothing improper in the state court plaintiff’s buying Delannoy’s appeal rights from the trustee in a bankruptcy court-supervised auction.  However, by purchasing those rights, the state court plaintiff did not guarantee that its state court judgment would be given issue preclusive effect in the nondischargeability proceeding.  There, the bankruptcy court still had to assure that each of the normal requirements for issue preclusion were satisfied and find that giving the judgment issue preclusive effect would not be contrary to public policy.  Here, the state court plaintiff satisfied all those requirements, so the bankruptcy court’s summary judgment order exempting the state court judgment from discharge was affirmed.