Debtor abusively filed an earlier bankruptcy on behalf of a business entity, voiding a nonjudicial foreclosure sale of the entity’s real property held the same day.  In debtor’s later personal bankruptcy, creditor filed a claim, contending it was entitled to damages from the debtor on state law claims for abuse of process and tortious interference with business relations based on the improper filing of the bankruptcy petition on behalf of the business entity.  This decision affirms the order sustianing the debtor’s objection to the claim.  Bankruptcy law preempts state law causes of action and remedies for the act of filing a bankruptcy petition or other papers in a bankruptcy case.  Bankruptcy law provides the exclusive remedy for wrongful bankruptcy filings.  In addition, the creditor could not prove any damages.  The fact that it had to increase its credit bid by $1.1 million at the second foreclosure sale of the property showed no loss.  The first sale was void (because conducted while the automatic stay was in effect) and so its sale price could not be the foundation of a damage award.