Judgment for defendant is reversed.  Plaintiff alleged that defendant sold plaintiff his membership interest in the LLC, which held a business tax registration certificate for selling marijuana in L.A., but after doing so secretly converted the LLC into a corporation of which he was the sole owner.  The individual plaintiff had standing to sue for loss of her membership interest in the plaintiff LLC.  Damage to the corporate entity’s assets or worth must be prosecuted by the corporate entity or in a derivative suit, but injury to the individual’s interest in the corporate entity is a claim the individual owns and can bring in her own name.  The individual defendant was not immune from liability though he claimed to have acted as an officer of the corporation into which he converted the plaintiff LLC.  He personally carried out all of the allegedly wrongful acts and he personally benefited by acquiring sole ownership of a business a third party offered to buy for $2 million.  The business tax registration certificate was property which could be the subject of a conversion action since under the fast-changing regulation of marijuana dispensaries in L.A., it was necessary to have such a certificate from the time period in which this one was issued in order to engage in the retail sale of marijuana.  Under Gov. Code 12261, the Secretary of State may restore an LLC to active status on certain conditions.  Plaintiff didn’t have to file a separate petition seeking reinstatement since the relief may be sought in an action for damages or equitable relief.  (Gov. Code 12661(c).))