Plaintiff owner of a gated residential community sued defendant, a private water company, for repeated failures of a 12-inch water main that defendant constructed at plaintiff’s request to serve two fire hydrants in the development as well as the domestic water needs of the residents.  This decision affirms the defense judgment.  The inverse condemnation claim failed because the water main was not built for a public use, but rather for the private use of the developer.  The fire hydrants could be used only to suppress fires in the gated community, not its neighbors.  And while many residents shared the domestic water use, the developer was the only customer of the defendant in the gated community.  The decision also holds that Pub. Util. Code 774’s immunity for damage caused by a water company’s failure to provide or maintain fire protection equipment or services applies and barred plaintiff’s tort claims.  While the water main also served domestic water purposes, its primary function and the reason it was built as it was, was to service the fire hydrants.  So the primary use was for fire suppression, making section 774’s immunity applicable.