Affirming an order denying an employer’s motion to compel arbitration of the worker’s wage and hour, retaliation and discrimination in employment claims, this decision holds the agreement was at least minimally procedurally unconscionable as it was an adhesion contract.  It also holds two provisions substantively unconscionable, one requiring any claims to be brought within a year of discovery (despite statutes granting employees longer periods to file suit) and the other limiting discovery to 20 interrogatories, three depositions and not requiring production of documents relied on.  The employee submitted evidence that he needed substantially more discovery on his 13 causes of action which challenge at least three different aspects of the employment relationship.  The decision also affirms the decision not to sever the unconscionable provisions, stating that under Armendariz, the question is whether those provisions show bad faith on the employer’s part, and concluding that the discovery restrictions in particular show bad faith.