A court, which has appointed a receiver under H&S Code 17980.7 and CCP 564 to remediate a nuisance caused by substandard housing, may, in its discretion, authorize the receiver to borrow funds to remediate the nuisance and ro give a super-priority lien in the property as security for repayment of the loan.  Nothing in the language or legislative history of H&S Code 17980.7 was intended to limit the long recognized authority of a court to authorize borrowing on super-priority liens by a receiver appointed under CCP 564.  Here, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in authorizing super-priority lien borrowing by the receiver since the property did not generate sufficient funds otherwise to pay the cost of remediation, and the bank which held the senior lien on the property had not stepped forward for over a year to remediate the nuisance at its own expense.  Having authorized the super-priority loan, the court also did not abuse its discretion in authorizing sale of the property free and clear of liens to repay the super-priority loan which otherwise go unpaid.  The sale price was above the current BPO of the property’s value, and the buyer was committed to finishing the nuisance remediation project.