The city sued Cordoba for submitting fraudulent invoices under a contract for it to provide consulting services in connection with a proposed solar energy farm.  Cordoba cross-complained, alleging that the city breached the contract by disputing the invoices after the 30-day limit provided for in the contract and breached the covenant of good faith by investigating the fraud.  The cross-complaint also sought declaratory relief regarding the parties’ rights under the contract.  This decision affirms an order granting the city’s Anti-SLAPP motion to strike the cross-complaint.  Each of its claims arose from the city’s protected activity in filing suit and in carrying out an official function in investigating the fraud.  The contract claim lacked merit as the 30-day limit on disputing invoices was not a reasonable limitation on bringing fraud claims.  The implied covenant claim did not allege what promised contractual benefit the city had denied Cordoba.  The declaratory relief claim would serve no purpose as it concerned only past conduct under a terminated contract.)