Summary judgment was properly granted the employer on plaintiff’s California Family Rights Act claims.  Plaintiff introduced no evidence that he had requested medical leave.  Instead, when he complained about suffering migraine headaches, and the employer asked who could replace plaintiff in supervising his staff, plaintiff said medication would cure the headache in a few hours.  The employer also produced unrebutted evidence that the employee handbook gave the required notice of CFRA rights.  The McDonnell Douglas shifting burden test was properly applied to plaintiff’s CFRA retaliation claim, and the trial court correctly found that the employer’s evidence that it fired plaintiff for poor performance was not rebutted by any evidence showing that he was fired instead because he had taken one day of medical leave.  This finding did not contradict the trial court’s denial of summary judgment on plaintiff’s FEHA disability discrimination claim since the issue there was broader; namely, whether plaintiff’s disability in general (not just the single day’s medical leave) was a motivating factor in his termination.