This decision affirms dismissal of a complaint attacking three provisions of PayPal’s standard contract.  First, the complaint alleged no breach of contract or the implied covenant by PayPal’s placing 21-day holds on payments to plaintiff-sellers’ accounts.  The agreement gave PayPal sole discretion in imposing holds.  And PayPal didn’t breach the implied covenant of good faith because the complaint disclosed reasonable cause for its decision:  eBay had demoted plaintiffs from “top-rated seller” to “below standard seller.”  PayPal’s provision allowing it to keep any interest earned on money a customer maintained in its PayPal account was not unconscionable or lacking in consideration.  PayPal’s provision allowing buyers 6 months to file claims that they didn’t receive the purchased goods or that the goods were significantly not as described by the seller were not unconscionable and did not show that PayPal was purposefully aiding and abetting unscrupulous buyers in committing fraud on sellers.