“Jurisdiction” is a term with many meanings.  As used in Probate Code 17000, jurisdiction does not refer to fundamental jurisdiction of the subject matter, nor to in personal, in rem, or quasi-in-rem jurisdiction.  Instead, that section simply provides that probate matters are to be heard in the superior court’s probate division rather than its normal civil courts.  The section does not determine venue either–that is which of more than one county’s superior courts should hear the matter.  Here, it was unclear which county should hear a dispute about ownership of a cabin left to heirs of a person who died in Riverside County.  Riverside was not the appropriate venue because the decedent’s estate and probate proceeding had long since finished with a distribution of his assets, including the cabin.  If the cabin was owned individually by his heirs, venue was proper in Mono County where the cabin was located.  If a trust held title to the cabin, the proper venue was the place of principal administration of the trust, which if not otherwise clear would be the county of residence of the trustee.