Arizona had personal jurisdiction over Pennsylvania Byzantime Catholic church officials whom plaintiff claimed had defamed it and interfered with plaintiff’s contract with an Arizona Byzantine Catholic church.  Under Calder v. Jones, 465 U.S. 783, 788-89 (1984), a defendant is subject to specific personal jurisdiction if he (1) commits an intentional act, (2) expressly aimed at the forum state, that (3) causes harm the defendant knew was likely to be suffered in the forum state, then the defendant has purposefully directed conduct at the forum state..  Here, even though plaintiff was a Florida resident, it suffered harm from defendant’s defamation and interference with its contract in Arizona, where the defamation was intended to convince the Arizona church to fire plaintiff and drop the suit plaintiff had brought on behalf of the Arizona church against defendants.  The harm from defamation occurs in the state where the defamatory material circulates whether or not the plaintiff resides there.