This decision reverses a judgment confirming an arbitration award.  The arbitrator exceeded his powers by issuing an award that enforced an employment contract’s provision that violated the employee’s unwaivable statutory rights.  The employment agreement’s confidentiality clause was so broadly written that it prohibited the employee from using any information not generally known to the securities industry for the benefit of anyone other than the employer, including himself.  The clause effectively precluded the employee from seeking any employment in the securities industry and particularly any employment in statistical arbitrage, the niche in which the employer operated.  By thus barring the employee’s engaging in an entire industry, the confidentiality provision violated B&P Code 16600.  In declining to void the confidentiality provision and in declaring that the employee had forfeited deferred bonuses by violating that provision, the arbitration award enforced a contract that violated the employee’s unwaivable statutory rights and thus must be vacated.