Following Berroteran v. Superior Court (2022) 2021 Cal. LEXIS 8418, this decision holds that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in admitting testimony by Ford witnesses given in depositions in a class action involving defects in the same model truck as plaintiff sued on.  Plaintiffs were not parties to the class action since the class was not certified until settlement of that case, and at that point plaintiffs opted out.  Therefore the depositions were not admissible under CCP 2025.620(g) (which makes depositions if taken in a prior action between the same parties).  Nevertheless, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in admitting the depositions under Evid. Code 1291(a)(2) because there was case-specific evidence showing that Ford had an incentive to cross-examine its own witnesses at their depositions.  Two of the deponents were former Ford employees and could not be sure that two others would continue in Ford employment.  Cross-examination might also reveal helpful evidence to dissuade opt-outs from the eventual class settlement.  And the depositions were video-taped, which while not sufficient in itself, adds to other factors in favor of finding an incentive to cross-examine.