California Health & Safety Code 25982 bans the sale in California of foie gras produced by force feeding geese.  The law is not preempted by the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act.  Even assuming that the USDA has exercised its authority under PPIA to require that foie gras be produced by fore feeding geese, California’s statute does not conflict with federal law, but simply bans sale of foie gras in California.  Producers can still force feed geese to produce foie gras meeting federal guidelines.  They just can’t sell that product in California.  The statute also does not offend the dormant Commerce Clause.  California’s sales ban prohibits only in-state sales of foie gras, so it is not impermissibly extraterritorial even if it influences out-of-state producers’ conduct.  In-state sales bans are not discriminatory against interstate commerce and do not per se impose an undue burden on interstate commerce.  However, in accordance with Animal Legal Def. Fund v. LT Napa Partners LLC (2015) 234 Cal.App.4th 1270, the district court properly interpreted section 25982, which bans “sales” without defining the term, in accord with UCC Art. 2 so that it does not extend to sales made to Californians by out-of-state sellers who accept payment and ship the product from outside California.