The district court correctly dismissed this copyright infringement suit against the Polish owner of a Polish porn website for lack of personal jurisdiction.  To establish specific personal jurisdiction under the Calder “effects” test, the plaintiff must show (1) the defendant purposefully availed himself of the privileges of conducting activities in the forum or purposefully directed his activities to the forum, (2) the claim arises from those activities, and (3) jurisdiction comports with fair play and substantial justice.  Here, Wanat’s only intentional conduct was registering the porn site’s domain name with two American registries.  But those intentional activities were insufficient to show he purposefully directed the conduct toward the US or availed himself of the privileges of conducting activities here.  Unlike the Hollywood-focused website in Mavrix Photo, Inc. v. Brand Technologies, Inc. (9th Cir. 2011) 647 F.3d 1218, there was nothing about the Polish porn site that was US-focused.  The ads the site ran were geo-located–i.e. selected by the perceived location of the user–but by a third party vendor.