Plaintiff secured a default judgment against defendant in 2008 based a proof of service showing service on him personally at a specified address.  In 2018, plaintiff moved to renew the judgment and served notice of the motion on plaintiff by mail.  Defendant first moved to set aside the renewed judgment submitting a declaration conceding that he had received notice of the motion to renew.  This also jibed with plaintiff’s assertion that while the envelope was returned as undeliverable, the envelope had been slit open and the contents were removed.  At the hearing on defendant’s motion, defendant testified and the trial court ruled against him.  But no reporter was present, so there was no record of the testimony on which the trial court decided.  In serving defendant personally or by mail, plaintiff was not required to serve him at his residence or place of business but could serve him wherever he could be found.  The declaration admitting service of the renewal motion could be believed by the trial court even though the defendant later disavowed it and attributed it to his initial attorney who had since been disbarred for matters unrelated to this case.