Ins. Code 533.5 provides that no insurer (no matter what the insurance policy says) owes any duty to indemnify or defend a suit by the Attorney General, a district attorney or city or county counsel to recover a fine, penalty or restitution for a violation of B&P Code 17200 or 17500.  This decision holds that the statute does not violate the insured defendant’s due process right to counsel.  In civil litigation, that right is infringed only when the government prevents a party from communicating with its counsel or bars a party willing and able to employ counsel from doing so.  Section 533.5 does neither of those things, it just prevents use of one financial resource to pay for counsel.  The decision also holds that section 533.5 applies and bars an insurance-provided defense even when the public prosecutor seeks injunctive relief in addition to restitution and civil penalties.